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Create a smile you’ll be proud of displaying with treatments to whiten, straighten, shape, rebuild or replace teeth to achieve natural looking results. A pleasing and healthy looking mouth, teeth and smile can certainly restore your confidence.

From slight repairs to substantial enhancements we take our time to create the outcome you are looking for. To achieve the high-grade results we use current techniques and the finest materials.

Teeth Whitening

It can be a challenge to keep your teeth the whitest they can be, even when we brush like we should, they can begin to lose their brightness. Over time, it’s normal for teeth to become stained or discoloured from the ageing process or consuming certain foods. Teeth whitening is a simple treatment that aims to lighten your teeth. You can match the natural colour that you’ve always had, or you can even make them whiter than before.

The treatment is typically completed with professional strength whitening gel. While this treatment will brighten your natural teeth, it cannot affect crowns and tooth-coloured fillings. Come in for a consultation and we can help you decide what will work for your situation.

Whitening a single discoloured tooth

To whiten only a single tooth that’s discoloured after trauma, or after root canal therapy, is a simple procedure. The treatment is completed in our practice over a few visits to produce an improved appearance.


Veneers can significantly improve the appearance of teeth that are stained, crowded, damaged or to close gaps between teeth. The treatment employs either super thin composite resin or porcelain shells to cover natural teeth that need treatment.

The process of placing veneers will take two to three visits. First, goals must be established for the treatment, and a plan must be developed to reach those goals. The veneers are custom made to match the colour of your natural teeth to create a seamless result.

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