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For all general treatment, we take an in-depth approach and take the time to know our patients. Poor dental health has been linked to conditions as diverse as heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and low birth weights in babies. By offering comprehensive services, we’re able to guide you to better overall health.


A dental filling helps to repair a damaged or decayed tooth, so you can keep your tooth in a healthy state for complete function and aesthetics.

There are various types of fillings on offer and we will discuss with you a number of factors when choosing the type of filling that is going to be best to restore your tooth. Where appropriate, we offer tooth coloured, ceramic, gold and amalgam options, placed with care and expertise, to be as long-lasting as possible.

Crowns, Inlays & Onlays

Ideal for teeth with medium to large fillings, this treatment is used to strengthen a tooth, restore a damaged tooth, or protect a tooth from further damage. Teeth with fillings can begin to weaken over the course of time and can become prone to cracks. To protect the tooth from future damage, this treatment offers durable materials, which are extremely strong and last longer than simple fillings.

Tooth Removal

While dentists will often try to retain natural teeth, sometimes a tooth is needed to be removed for various reasons. An explanation of the reasoning will always be clearly communicated, this could be due to a poorly positioned wisdom tooth or because the tooth can not be saved. Our practice is well equipped to remove teeth, safely and with good after care.

Root Canal Therapy

This treatment is designed to save a tooth and restore it to health by removing infection. Infection can arise due to dental trauma or tooth decay left untreated for an extended period of time. If the infection is not removed, the end result will be a much more serious abscess. An abscess can ultimately lead to the loss of bone structure in the jawbone.

Root canal treatment is completed with the greatest sensitivity using current technologies to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Bridges restore the space where a tooth is missing. Crowns are created on the natural teeth on either side of the space and joined by a solid crown in the middle. This creates an artificial tooth where there is none and so the procedure will “bridge” the gap.


When a patient is missing one or more teeth, dentures can be used to replace those missing teeth. Dentures allow a patient to function better with speaking and eating. While each patient’s case will vary, it is possible to receive a full set of dentures to replace all of a patient’s teeth or to receive a set of partial dentures. We also offer denture repairs and adjustments.

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