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Easing Dental Anxiety

Understanding that there are a number of different things that can contribute to dental anxiety and fear is a concern Dr Shanli empathises with. With her extensive experience in treating many anxious patients she has been successful in transforming many patient’s experiences into a positive one.

As a team we can help alleviate your worry by taking extra time with you, ensuring your always comfortable at every step of the way, giving you plenty of opportunity to ask questions and making sure treatment is completed at your own pace.

To help you feel more relaxed we offer wireless headphones so you can listen to your favourite music, blankets and pillows for your comfort and support.

First Visit

At Dubbo Dentistry, we want to make sure your first dental appointment is beneficial and informative. We get to know you from the first visit in order to understand what’s important to you. We take the time to listen to your dental concerns and goals.

At your first visit we will carry out a thorough dental examination to ensure we have a clear picture of your oral health. This examination includes:

  • An assessment of your medical history and lifestyle factors that influence oral health
  • Examination of your face, neck, jaw muscles and joints to check for function and health
  • Examination of your cheeks, tongue, lips and gums as part of an oral cancer screening test
  • Assessment of the condition of your mouth associated with:
    • Signs of decay (cavities)
    • Tooth wear
    • Existing dental fillings
    • Overall appearance and colour of teeth
    • Assessment of gum health and appearance
    • Taking and review of X-ray images
  • Dental photographs, if necessary, to aid in the discussion process
  • Discussion of recommended treatment and follow-up care

This comprehensive dental session will helps us develop a clear, practical preventative care plan for you and gives us an idea of which treatments you may need. Please allow 45 to 60 minutes for your first visit with us.

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